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We offer the finest installation process in the industry. Each installation is carefully planned out and executed with precise accuracy. No installation is too small or too large. We can install in one room or throughout your entire home. We also do commercial installations. Choices of wood today include solid or engineered, prefinished or unfinished, domestic or exotic species and widths ranging from standard 2 ¼” to custom-milled. We also offer laminate and vinyl installations. Installations available are nail down, glue down, stapled or floated. The sub-floor will determine which method is best. Call us today and allow us to meet and provide you with the many types of available wood products.


Since 1994, homeowners, contractors, builders and designers have chosen Showcase Flooring, Inc. to perform top quality refinishing work in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and South Florida. We take pride in our meticulous work and guarantee that your floors are done to your complete satisfaction. We use a state of the art HEPA dust containment sanding system and offer environmentally safe eco-friendly low VOC water base base finishes which are non-yellowing and non-toxic. We also offer zero VOC penetrating impact oils which give the wood it's natural look and feel. Call us today to set up a free consultation and discuss your sanding and refinishing options.


Whether your floors have been worn through everyday use or have been water-damaged, Showcase Flooring, Inc. can bring them back to their original appearance by using the newest materials and techniques available to us in the industry. Repair time and materials will vary as each job is different and unique. We spend all the time needed to assure that all jobs are done correctly the first time. So if you've recently removed a wall or added on a room in your home there are always options for repairing your hardwood floors...the before and after results are astonishing!

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