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For the love of ceramic & porcelain

Ceramic &porcelain tiles can easily turn a house into a home with their stunning elegance, hard-wearing durability, and long lifespan. Included are excellent benefits that will truly transform any living space and gorgeous looks that blend in well with a variety of home decor. You’ll find these floors easily resist stains and fading and offer exceptional water resistance as well. No matter what requirements you have in mind for your new flooring, these materials could easily help check off each one.

Showcase Floors is a family owned and operated flooring business with a mobile showroom that serves the communities of Boca Raton, Del Ray Beach, and West Palm Beach. We offer excellent flooring and services for both residential and commercial placement and we are proud to offer free estimates. We are dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction so give us a call today to find out how we can help get your flooring project underway right away. Our associates are ready to serve you in all your flooring needs.

Ceramic & porcelain just for your home

Choosing the perfect look in ceramic & porcelain tile is an easy task as they range from completely minimal to ultimately artistic. If you prefer something that looks more natural, you’ll be able to find great variety even in the neutral tones you find. For brighter and more exciting designs and styles, choose from a great selection of colors, shapes, and tile sizes that can complement any decor. You could even choose to create a completely unique mosaic, with tiles cut to your specifications.

You’ll love the durability that comes with ceramic & porcelain, even in the busiest areas of your home. These materials are constructed to perform under some of the harshest circumstances with regard to foot traffic and everyday wear and tear. This is especially helpful if you have frequent visitors, pets, or small children.
Ceramic tile flooring in Boca Raton, FL from Showcase Floors
Water resistance is one of the benefits that often draw homeowners to these products. Bathrooms and kitchens are perfect placements for them, as a result, but they are just as beneficial in any area of your home. Protection against spills and accidents is never wasted since they can happen anywhere and it can save lots of time and money spent in trying to clean another material.

When it’s time to install ceramic & porcelain, be sure to ask about professional installation. These products are very dense and hard and require special tools and experience for a successful completion.

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